Nimo provides energy efficient and gentle drying cabinets, sinks and technical accessories for the laundry room to retailers, wholesalers and consumers. The business started in 1944, has revenues of approximately SEK 180 million and has 100 dedicated employees. Head office and factory are located in Hova, Sweden.

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WINTERSTEIGER offers solutions for drying, disinfecting and deodorizing work clothes, gear and all kinds of sports goods. Both open and closed drying systems make an important contribution to the health and hygiene of employees and guests. In addition, WINTERSTEIGER systems increase the life span of high quality gear and compared to traditional drying rooms, they offer compelling energy-efficient operation!

Areas in which our systems can be used include the building and food industries, fire departments, local authorities, infrastructure and fishing, ski depots as well as many others. The product line includes drying lockers for work clothes and gear, helmets, shoes, masks as well as helmet, glove, boot and shoe dryers and accessories for disinfecting and deodorizing.

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OSMA Trocknersysteme was established by Oswald Marolt in Flattach (Carinthia/Austria) in 1989. Since 1994, the company’s main office has been located in Obervellach (Carinthia/Austria). In 2008, the production plant moved to a bigger building approx. 200 meters away from the main office.

In early 2010, Jasmin and Stefan Fercher took over as managing directors and manage the company and its approx. 20 employees. OSMA products are built to last and are maintenance free. Our products and installations are inspected by professionals with regard to their function, safety and especially to CE regulations.

OSMA products are sold worldwide, and our biggest customers are specialist shops. OSMA develops and produces the products in-house, of course in cooperation with specialized companies and partners.

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ZPUG IZOTERMA has been running production activity continuously since 1979.
The subject of its operations is production in the field of electrothermics. We produce market products for personal use as well as investment products. Our products are used for electrical heating of rooms, in which people reside, as well as for heating of technical devices and technological processes. One of our specializations is the system of church area heating, which supplies heat at the floor-level at the given time and location.

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Steurer GmbH


Our roots are our strength. In the implementation of ideas. From concept to solution. All from one hand. That’s our passion. We find the optimum for our customers. And their customers.

From local provider to global player:

Steurer System has developed continuously. We have further developed the know-how and adapted it to changing needs. We are a company. With corporate culture. With flexible corporate structures. Steurer Systems is an innovative producer and reliable service provider. Worldwide.

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Since 1986 TOP TROCK has been pointing the way for innovative drying systems and has been offering professional solutions for all areas which require the drying of damp or wet shoes, sports-, work- and turnout gear and various protective equipment.

The drying systems, which justify the excellent reputation of TOP TROCK around the world, originate from our own research-and-development department. The production takes place in the company headquarters at Graz with experienced professionals. Only high quality materials such as corrosion resistant steel are used. The high quality enables TOP TROCK to grant a warranty for 10 years on all stainless-steal systems worldwide.

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