Shoe dryer Menuett 350W

Incredibly smooth device that facilitates the life of families. The shoe dryer from Menuett quickly dries boots that have been out on the sledding hill or shoes that have become wet after playing in puddles.

Dries two pairs of shoes simultaneously

The shoe dryer is very practical and efficient as it can dry two pairs of shoes at the same time. Also included is a wall mount for wall mounting, which means that the dryer takes up minimal space.

Timer function

With the built-in timer, you can set the drying time up to two hours.

Flexible hoses

The flexible hoses are easy to extend and bend. This allows you to use the dryer for shoes and boots of different sizes.

Safe overheating protection

A built-in overheat protection ensures that the dryer does not overheat and you can feel safe during use.

Height mm

Depth mm

Width mm


Device power kW

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( €45.00 excl. VAT )
SKU: Mentt350

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