Mask drying locker OSMA MTS 1800


Mask drying locker OSMA MTS 1800

Mask drying locker made of high-grade steel


Two-door mask drying locker made of high-grade steel (V²A) including door lock.

  • Timer is easy to use;
  • Temperature control via capillary sensor;
  • Space-saving, wall mounting possible;
  • Safety precaution: unit shuts down automatically when door is opened;
  • Made of high grade-steel;
  • Doors available in either INOX or Plexiglas;
  • Maintenance free warm air blower;
  • Maintenance free stepping gear motor (1/min);
  • The continuing movement of the rotary disc ensures an efficient and gentle drying of the masks;
  • The drying process takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

The drying cabinet can also be upgraded with UV-light disinfection.

NEW: Installation of Clean Air for odor removal and disinfection.


Additional options:

  • Small parts basket made of aluminium round wire;
  • Stackable small parts basket made of high-grade steel;
  • Couplers for breathing tube (medium pressure tube);
  • Timer with LED display;
  • Quartz-controlled, the current programming remains valid even when the unit is current less;
  • Electric temperature sensor with LED display for an exact and individual temperature setting.


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